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Al Rukn Al Yamani

Trading, General Contracting, Public Transport, Freight Forwarding and Human Resources Services

The company specializes in the complete management of industrial projects, commercial buildings, residential buildings, both horizontal and vertical, schools, universities, educational and entertainment centers, markets and mosques.

The company also executes all infrastructure projects for cities and roads and implements the networks of drinking water pipes, desalination plants of all kinds, heavy water networks, rainwater drainage systems and irrigation and drainage projects, in addition to our company works small and large dams and the implementation of all projects bridges,

The team of engineers and surveyors with high experience in all areas of the construction industry, which helps them to prepare the infrastructure of offices, factories, workshops, mechanisms, transport department and warehouses. These departments are equipped with all supplies and equipment.

They added that the company has a side in the field of general trade in terms of importing all construction materials, machinery and equipment, import of electrical transformers and their accessories, and import of modern medical equipment and office furniture and all that includes the field of import.

In addition, the company is distinguished by the transport business as it has an integrated fleet for the transport of goods and equipment through the provision of a specialized cadre of qualified drivers in terms of occupational safety in work and to maintain and deliver on tirne.

Our working teams in all their forms are prepared and supported by good technical expertise and full environmental knowledge in how to deal with and coexist with the working environment in all regions of Iraq, in defiance of the difficulties and security conditions to obtain the highest international standards. The company has been from the beginning to be in the forefront of infrastructure companies and all their names and forms working hard alongside the local and international companies in order to ensure the requirements of safety and safety and to confirm the tributaries and foundations of quality control through the organization of standard and quarterly training courses for its employees and teams. We also believe that winning the confidence of our trading partners, whether customers, suppliers, employees or the entire community, is essential to our continued success.

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