Trading, General Contracting, Public Transport, Freight Forwarding and Human Resources Services

ALYAMANI GROUP Company for Trading, General Contracting, Public Transport, Freight Forwarding and Human Resources Services Limited

was established in Wasit in 2007 and therefore in response to the urgent requirements in the reconstruction and development of infrastructure throughout Iraq. The group has a good reputation after receiving all its customers’ trust, respect and respect. The group has a strong staff with the best technology and knowledge expertise in contracting for civil, mechanical and electrical works. It includes the reconstruction of infrastructure in all its forms and requirements in terms of supplying potable water systems, heavy water networks, Construction of buildings of all kinds, construction of warehouses and warehouses in addition to the work of drinking water treatment plants, construction of drinking water networks and sewage networks, construction of pumping stations for raw water, In machinery used to work as well as engineering and technical personnel qualified to do this work with strict adherence to high speed and quality by relying on local and international expertise, directly and indirectly won the admiration and satisfaction of the beneficiaries. The group has contracts in many oil fields such as Bazrkan, Al-Ahdab, AI-Halafiyah, Badra field and the oil refinery. In addition, the Group is distinguished by the transport business as it has an integrated fleet for the transport of goods and equipment through the provision of a specialized cadre of qualified drivers in terms of occupational safety in work and to maintain and delivering on time. The group has worked in the field of communications as it has a contract with Asia-Cell as the exclusive agent in the province of Wasit with the provision of cadre engineering and technician trained and equipped to carry out this work and at the highest level of performance. Our working teams in all their forms are prepared and supported by sound technical expertise and full environmental knowledge in how to deal with and coexist with the working environment in all regions of Iraq, in defiance of the difficulties and security conditions to obtain the highest international standards. From the beginning, the group has been the first to be at the forefront of all infrastructure companies, in all their names and forms, working side by side with local and international companies In order to ensure the safety and safety requirements and confirm the tributaries and foundations of quality control through organizing standard and quarterly training courses for its employees and teams.

The Word of the Managing Director

We are pleased to express our desire and full readiness to cooperate with you in the implementation of all projects according to the technical specifications you require, as well as our willingness to equip you with all your needs of materials, equipment, furniture and one of the best known global originations and hope to contribute with you in the campaign to reconstruct Iraq. We are confident that you will find what we offer to meet your needs and we look forward to working together on future projects with you. Our country needs the institutions and cadres to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq and the implementation of various projects. We are determined to cooperate with all departments and institutions for this purpose. At the same time we aspire to develop and expand the company and extend its bridges to the broadest possible service for the country and the public interest.



In order for our group to insure implementing the requirements of our clients in the best means, they employed teams of high qualifications and long experiences in different specializations such as administrative, construction, Architectural, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. And this team is supported by a number of technical supervisors, and specialized draftsmen who help to respond to the necessities and technical requirements of the projects with extreme speed and efficiency in addition to the capability of preparing the drawing and designs inside the group according to the request of the clients. All to ensure sure execution and completion of the projects in full according to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.


To establish good and excellent relations in what concerns the contracting sector with the departments with whom it deals with in order to reach to the best performance and present the highest standards from services in order to progress with the highest slandered in order to progress its projects in any work site, and active participation in the campaign of reconstructing Iraq and to follow up the progress in the infrastructure


Why choose us

15+ years on the market, high quality standards, modern equipment.


1- Supervision on the execution

2- Preparation of the rehabilitation documents

3- Management of the projects

4- Control on costing and execution

5- Constructional organization

6- Ivlanagement of execution in the sites

7- Inspection and selection


1- Initial and final appraisal

2- Preparation of quotation documents and Bills of quantities

3- Analysis of the quotation and technical reports

4- Measurement of final costing


1- Preparing the designing suggestions for the quotation and primary costs by using the most modern technology in preparing pre-contracting documents

2- Preparing the preferred designs and drawing which are equivalent to what is requested by the local commission

3- Placing the specialized technicians with the executing works team which realize the most benefit to the project